Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs)

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Internally Displaced Poeples (IDPs) are refugees living in camps scattered throughout Kachin State and northern Shan State in Myanmar. After the commencement of fighting between the Burmese Military (Tatmataw) and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in 2011, many Kachin have been displaced from their homes and their land and relocated into IDP camps. Many have been living in the camps for nearly 8 years and face an uncertain future while living in terrible conditons. They are currently unable to return to their homes and villages as the conflict continues between the military and the KIA.

While they have sufficient to eat, they lack the material and other resources to improve their living condtions. There are very few employment opportunites for these people and many have to live on handouts from churches and the UNHCR. Their children attend schools and are receiving only a basic education.  They need opportunities to develop businesses or find employment to improve their standard of living and thereby improving the future prospects for their children.  Developing employablity or otherwise marketable skillsets, would enable these people to develop and become productive citizens of Myanmar. When the conflict is finally resolved and they return to their homes and land, those skills will enable them to build local economies and rebuild their lives.

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